Writing tests the muggy day growth

Writing tests the muggy day growth
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Tests, Wuhan yesterday was the first day, 92,000 candidates easily over language, mathematics, history and social morality and (coil) three exams. Students generally reflect: questions and daily life, are not too difficult. Exams, students are left with a smile.
Yesterday was Sunday due to avoid to work during rush hour, by departments prepared schools remind in time, most of the candidates who were successful to the examination room. Many parents ride on electric car test, the test venue in the city traffic is orderly. Nine o'clock in the morning, language exam opening bell and sent test army melted away outside the examination room. Compared to the college entrance examination, tests the mentality of parents is more peaceful.
Language examination after the noon, reporters knew the exam this year Chinese subjects – reading material and thinking "grow what we need? "Personal task to write a composition. Many students reflects the composition is quite handy, "there is something to write about, but think some good things. "Precious friendship and warmth of the family is writing themes many candidates. Teachers also believe that this essay is good, it can guide the candidates thinking and prospects for "their own history", read and understand life and guide them carefully the dribs and drabs.
Tests the first day of hot weather, many test the arrangement of time human. In urban centers, many centers have enabled the "cool room". 6:20 P.M. Xu, candidates have been walked out of the room, their faces are very easy, saying "subject is not difficult" from the candidate says it, many parents heart stone fell.
Today to test three: Physics, chemistry (volume) and English. This year is the physical and chemical (volume) instead of science for the first time, some students and parents told reporters "no end of a little jittery." In this regard, the Wuhan branch Institute experts say basics are still examined focus on easy and medium questions is "subject", so the exam there is no need to increase their own psychological burden in this regard.
Remind candidates of the recruitment office in Wuhan: physico-chemical examination this morning (volumes), 8:45 admission is by ticket, 9:15 late candidates are allowed to enter the examination room; English exam this afternoon, 13:30 admission is by ticket, 13:45 to 14:00 late candidate may spare examination rooms, forbidden to enter the exam room after 14 o'clock. In addition, since today is Monday for the public to work day, the traffic pressure. Wants the public to try to reduce private car travel, choose public transport such as buses, light rail, so as to avoid road congestion, affected candidates examinations on time. BACK
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