Homework was not changed by the teacher, parent changed

A friend's children were seen in a primary school in reading, reading three years every year for different math teacher, first grade teacher correcting homework, until second grade homework will not be changed, a third-year "one step further"-change to parent their own homework.
In fact, parents should of checked, was coming back from work every day is to manage children with homework, but teachers don't even see job, that children will have a deal with psychological, teachers don't see anyway.
Think back then when I was reading, the teacher to check very carefully every issue, wrong also noted that timely corrective, and now the teacher simply does not see at all, can't she just so busy?
Parents also have their difficulties, the teacher should pay a little more to help these children, so that they will be able to absorb all the knowledge in the school.
A parent
Investigative journalism
The afternoon of September 20, reporters rushed to the school to found the third-grade math teacher, she acknowledged that since the school does not correct the homework. "I thought the correct class assignments, homework does not need teacher. "
Official told reporters at the school, his math teacher as a substitute teacher, had just graduated from College, until September 1 to work, schools have received this morning parents reflect, then criticized this math teacher education, ordered her immediately, correcting students ' homework carefully. BACK
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