High grade writing class to reduce

Provincial requirements, starting from the new semester this year, case must proceed with the province's primary and secondary school curriculum. Among them, the students learn to write calligraphy in compulsory education stage, know early calligraphy, have a certain appreciation of calligraphy. But in an interview with reporters found, bowing to pressures, higher grades, writing class disappeared from the schedule, high school writing classes hardly.
As a rule, elementary school 1-6 grade shall be offering a course in writing, 1 class a week. But reporters found in Wuhan primary school, write only in the elementary school 1-3 grade schedule, go to 4-6 years later, because of academic pressure, class tensions, the students ' burden, fewer students during writing class. Yesterday, a primary school principal in Hankou told Xinhua, "a high grade, children practicing significantly less, write class disappeared from the schedule. It is no wonder that a students ' wrongly written or mispronounced characters in a 700-Word composition was more than more than 40! "
"Into the higher grades, children face ' rose ' is a lot of pressure, so many parents are practicing calligraphy on a ' decent work ', holding a national certificate of award-winning schools are not recognized. "President Liu says, calligraphy education only in the lower grades, many children's spare time was high grade writing, math and other subjects in training accounted for, even if the school wants to promote parent is unwilling, this lesson might as well fill classrooms.
Do you want to send their children to "write", parents may hold different views. Mr Hu would particularly like to write "specific": "when I didn't get a chance to have a good word, so wants her daughter to practice good hand at school. "However, some parents disagree," writes well what's the use? Guidance is the most important grades and certificates. "" Writing kids meditation, to foster good writing habits, good study habits. Parents should not be too utilitarian and look only to the language, but to focus on the long-term development of children. "Yesterday, qiaokou edb Deputy Director Tan Yuxian introduction, writing classes in primary and secondary schools, school child hand writing, just let the kids to develop good writing habits, good for reduce myopia. BACK
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