Primary school textbooks were too fake

The mother of Chen Yi to be unsubstantiated, the crows feeding does not comply with the laws of nature, of the little tadpole looking for his mother inside the "frog" abandoned children, wouldn't it be cool ... ... These childhood lessons along with several generations, recently published a new study was included in the report on the negative points, low points. The authors say, although they praise the family virtues, but traces make up either too heavy or older and is not suitable for children and education now. Yesterday, the reporter interviewed experts in education in our province, they believed that education and have been very different today are concerned with the what the text, rather than focus on curriculum standards are reasonable.
Teacher challenged
Part text free to spin
It is reported that the study report by "mothers and motherhood in primary school Chinese teaching materials of" thematic study groups was first released, and by the Changjiang literary publishing house published the save our children: book critique of Chinese textbooks for primary schools. Members of the group for the 17 language teachers in Zhejiang province. Their mother, maternal love for the cuts, the domestic version of the Chinese textbooks for primary schools was studied, thinks that some of the texts being impractical. Such as the story of Chen Yi's mother, sub-Chronicle of Chen Yi, the query to find content and history is not and if the Ravens feed article, the Panel said, the studies prove the crows not nurturing mother, the text is not true ... ...
Guo Chu Yang, Cai Chaoyang, the report's authors said the criticism was to "let goodness logotype with children around for life and lay a warm, thick ground color. "
Peers question
Suspicion of criticizing classic show
Being a company, Chang Zhang Jiguang experimental primary school principals, language teachers believe that in today's classroom, critical material is not very helpful, because the text as "the Bible" teaching time has passed. "A lot of good teachers was out of textbooks, and more good articles to teach. "
Zhang Jiguang admits some quite rough, but mainly on the content wrong, he rarely aversion to a text. "As the mother of Chen Yi, the crows feeding these texts, its own literature, and it doesn't have to be anything, right? The little tadpole looking for his mother is a popular classic, it has to focus on the point is not between mother and son find each other. If these lessons are critical, the critics want to show, it's doubtful. "
Zhang Jiguang also believes that teachers are in accordance with the curriculum in teaching and study curriculum is reasonable, more meaningful than study.

Some questions on the text should not be demanding
"Textbooks have strict requirements, sometimes difficult to keep up with everything. "Compiling expert, teaching hospital of Wuhan municipality Director Zhu Changhua said Chinese textbooks in primary schools is a system of education, to make the students ' literacy, must conform to the language specification, and has a certain aesthetic, content to extensive coverage," this is not easy, some not demanding. "
Zhu Changhua believes that reading the textbook version of the criticism in the report, which belongs to the high quality, preparation and influential version, "the materials if so unbearable, the first objection of all is the student's own. ” BACK
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