Students ' heavy burden into a consensus, we will how to lighten

Burden is a old topic, are talking about year after year, the education sector about the burden of notification do not know how many, but the burden of students is still, even now popular phrase: "lightening the burden, a hotbed. "
Yesterday morning, by the Hangzhou municipal Bureau of Shangcheng district, Hangzhou teachers Forum, hosted by the Government of China 2010 "head teacher Forum" will be held in Hangzhou, nearly 200 class sits together all over the country, to reduce burden on students ' ideas.
A consensus: the burden of student
An adapted song so sing: bag the heaviest person was me, jobs most is me, getting up early is me, is me to sleep most nights, the hard man is me, I is the most helpless people, the people I can't see into the future ... ...
After listening to this song, and know at a glance is a student change. Yesterday to some students and parents, the burden, they all expressed support. Chong Wen school grade six students xiaoruan says her favorite school art festival, "not only art students to participate in, the whole class can participate." Xiaoruan said rehearsal with class, from 4 o'clock to 7 points, we do not feel tired, "we harvest friendship, cooperation, and of these more than I learned in class. "Small Ruan knew, until junior high, more jobs than primary school, but she hopes not to be a bookworm, comprehensive practice activity should be more.
Action: the daily
To carry out lightening, there must be action. From September onwards, Shangcheng district, Hangzhou, all primary and secondary schools in the assignments have been changed: daily assignments to online publicity, homework to whole.
Reporter Cymbidium in Hangzhou high school's Web site to see more conspicuous position, there is a feedback on assignments, after opening, the daily subjects of homework at a glance, behind each job also indicate the time taken to complete the job. October 27 great tower School District 201 jobs shows that Chinese do 24 and 25 class some words, takes 15 minutes; 40 to 44 doing school homework questions of mathematics, a 20-minute English bilingual newspaper the standard, 20 minutes, 10 minutes of reading.
Cymbidium ensifolium middle school second (8) class teacher Liang Xiaoping said that each course for more than 30 minutes at a time, in front of the homework, the teacher needs to do the job again, the students handed in their homework, teachers must be granted.
The most important point is that students ' burden at the same time, not down, the teachers put forward higher requirements. "We have been pursuing a light negative effect of high-quality classroom, a teacher more important work. "Liang said schools have school homework, revision every year, an English school homework, finish all English teachers took me 2 months to amend.
View burden need to meet a parent
Really lighten up, parents are confused, according to a survey, children after burden do? A problem that a lot of parents want to know. Most parents, children in addition to learning, are watching TV Online, how to fill their spare time to worry, most simple and utilitarian approach is to assign homework.
Provincial people's Congress Director of Wen Wei Tong Shaosu science and education believes that the burden is not just about school, also need to parents and the community to work together. Parents have high expectations for students, children have their own ideals and life, not because parents of utilitarian motivations bear the burden of bearing.
Education Bureau of Shangcheng District Deputy Commissioner Xiang Haigang believes that after the lightening, then we can discuss the quality of education. In addition to the management were not enough, after offloading, school to do some practical subjects, such as life education, science education, science, military science, "education be educating people to the students on a 48-hour survival experience, walk 15 km on foot, have an impact on his life. "
Xiang Haigang said after lightening can take time to children, let them make their own arrangements, "the cultivation of the ability, in fact, very important, now, too many kids don't play, no vacations, too few because we give them the opportunity. ” BACK
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