Forced twice to skip only for further education

in order for children to the education opportunities, parents forced children to jump two levels. Now, 9 years old child has read the grade six, next year would face "up" twist. On Sunday, our breakthrough "up" public presentation, the reporter saw a pair of "a watched pot never boils" mother and daughter.
Xiaogan Qiu lady who, in July this year she moved to Wuhan, daughters go to a suburban elementary school. Ms Chiu told reporters that the daughter read-only two years of kindergarten, small class after reading will jump directly to the class; finished the third grade, she went directly to the grade five. Now, just 9 years old daughter is already a primary school graduate. Is this child is gifted? Khoo dismissed Ms, she said that the children skipping on two occasions, mainly to absorb the lessons of her schooling, job seekers.
Qiu said that when her college entrance exams, repeat 3 times she was admitted to the University, entered the school 23 years old at the time. After graduation, whose age is much larger than the average undergraduate, so opportunities have been unable to come to her, she intermittently engaged in substitute teachers in schools after graduation.
His frustrated, Ms high expectations pinned on her daughter's body. When a child is in third grade, a hardworker, Ms Chiu in a hurry, she simply quit working, coaching children advanced learning at home. At the end of third grade, Ms Qiu daughter learned four grades, at her urging, daughter had passed the test jumped into the school grade five.
In an interview, Ms Qiu said children are not clever, diligent and obedient. Envisaged by her children each time the skip, you can be one step ahead in front of opportunities, careers fighting for another chance in the future for her, "If children can't go to the ideal school, you can also read, too young at that time, also. "Children skipped twice so small, will not fit? Ms Chiu admitted that teachers say children are not very gregarious, very few friends, writing is always less than the required number of words. In this regard, Ms Chiu believes it's only child due to age, she said: "and then a little, everything will be smooth. "
Reporters notes beside Ms Chiu's children, this was small and of little maid tossing upon her yellow hair, looks even smaller than her real age. Facing reporters ' questions, without a Word, she just clung to her mother's clothes.
Ms Chiu's practice report presenter, excellent teacher Xie Zhenxiang shaking my head and sighing, he thinks it is for parents to impose their will upon the child, pulling, and contrary to the law of education, children may become victims. Xie Zhenxiang believes that parents should follow the child growth pattern, "children must go through growth part of parents not to artificially deprive. ”

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