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In the process of learning, many students feel with learning difficulties, and some students felt more relaxed, why is that? I think that this is a method of learning. Let me introduce my approach to learning, and to encourage one another, hoping to help.
Ever feel like reading my problem is very difficult, I saw the reading feel timid. Then I bought a lot of reading material, back to school every day for 30 minutes, then the answer, look at what was done right, what is wrong or incomplete, and pondering what went wrong. After some time, my reading scores improve, and MOM and dad very happy. Perhaps some people may ask: "we are doing the readings, why doesn't work? "How do you do the reading. Specifically, do read is like building a House, starting from the base, from, from simple to complex, step by step, so that they will have good results. Training writing skills, for example. Some people feel that nothing can be said or written in General, not specific. I was new to writing feel and always hope for not trying not to write. Mother I also write a few words, you bought me for instruments and Bing Xin's children's literature collection and other books I see. I read the side put the important words and phrases in the book excerpt, wrote in a special book, often flip, over time, the store is in my mind a lot of beautiful sentences, at the time of writing, these good words will still jump up, to add light and color in your composition. In addition to the accumulation of, and to observe things around, love is our nature to play, but play can also be watched, every time you observe the characters, animals, events, and record the different characteristics of the landscape in diary form, practice makes perfect, so when you write, you don't need to say.
Languages, English as well. Many students find learning English more difficult, first of all, I think it is because they lack confidence, do not believe in themselves. My personal opinion, learning English is not so difficult, mainly because you are willing to work. Once upon a time I lazy, made no effort to memorize words in English training courses, times dictate results are not ideal, I was very discouraged and want to give up. My mother encouraged me and helped me. In his mother's encouragement and help, I every morning or every evening and spend 15 or 20 minutes of time to listen to the tape and Word, read the text I use opportunities to Lake cycling exercise, Central, and simple everyday English conversation of foreign tourists in order to improve their listening and speaking skills. Persist for some time, I discovered that English has greatly improved, then Cambridge English secondary examinations in the country have made reading and writing, listening and speaking full shield results.
In addition to studying, I take the time every day or playing the piano or dad play, or help your parents do some housework, stick work and rest.
Learning is no longer my burden became a pleasure.
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