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Tutor several reasons for unhappiness

Eve of winter holidays, Zhou found a tutor through home network service center work, teach a junior boys math, did not think of talent for a month, was fired by the students ' parents. He cannot understand, but gives reasons for parents: the students ' lack of good faith, he had to play "Skip" and deceive parents unable to class said he was ill. During winter break, students tutoring market red, but some of the students in the tutoring to make money at the same time, overlook the details. Recently some parents call the site, pointed out that a small number of college students in "role models", the lack of integrity.
"Question 1" falsely fever out
Fired small week Lee said it is feeling: "usually small Zhou Jiao pretty well, every class on time, get along very well with my son. But that morning, away from the usual small thoughtful Mr LI's House to his son's math time is 2 hours, Mr LI's home phone rang. "Mr LEE, I am sorry, I have a fever, you take a day off? "Small week weak sound coming from the head of the telephone. Mr Li heard immediately asked him to matter with concern, also urged him to go to the hospital to see how. But Zhou refused, saying taking the medicine, sleep just fine.
7:00 in the day, Lee telephoned Mr Zhou at the dorm. "I am worried about his condition, would like to ask him to dinner no, also tried to persuade him to go to the hospital. "Mr LEE said," as a result, his roommate answered the phone and told me, Zhou went out to play with his friends, will be too late. "Hung up the phone Mr Li was so angry that he immediately decided to fire the dishonest college student, he said:" even if he courses to teach better, I do not want, in front of the children, the teacher's personality, integrity is the most important. "By replacing the tutor, Mr Li also teaches son a lesson in honesty.
"Question 2" a paper "mixed" class
Some students tutor heat in three minutes, the first few times but carefully, and started goofing off up over a long time. A professional tutor Center provides two recent complaint case is typical.
Winter holiday narrative to hung's House 3 times a week for her daughter's English. Xiao Zhao at first every time I go to Xiao Hong detail about syntax and analysis exercises, sometimes also from looking for some suspects some of the book's challenge to test her. But after five or six times, and he begin to lazy. Not to ask questions after class, and is reducing the time analysis of grammar, and finally simply let small hung buy reference books for her own, and then analyze the mistakes. Xiaohong promptly took the case to the MOM and dad, hung and his wife consulted was replaced after a tutor. Similar problems such as the late, no preparation, is accused by many parents.
"Question 3" on his
Northern girl round character, cheerful, strong communication skills, before the winter break for the first time to the women's home, mother and daughter love the Mandarin "slipped" girl, immediately decided to call her daughter's winter tutor and accompany teachers.
Round less than two days, and Zhang's daughter got acquainted, but did not last long, Ms Zhang found the girl is too casual. To the student home, their tea to drink not to say, sometimes talking on the phone. Has a woman heard her on the phone with someone else said "a mother and daughter's tutor, her condition is good," was not very comfortable. Round and unable to meet Zhang, finally decided to "fire" her, and looking for new tutors required column with "steady personality."
"Reporter's notes"
College students tutor to Paragon
In an interview with reporters during parent college students tutor was chosen because, in addition to young college students, easy and kids, who's familiar with campus life, child psychology, it is important that parents feel that students ' quality is high. And a handful of college students receiving tutoring under this "work", just take it as an opportunity to make money, a familiar with social channels, but forget that test their integrity and responsibility of a life test.
Employed people will dutifully help good lessons to children, so get paid will ease. Besides, late, sloppy response to cheat but treat children as ' eye of the parents. In addition, in their counselling children home, set himself up as "outsiders" is a safer approach. And employers, feel free to answer or use the telephone, pour yourself a drink of water behaviors also let a lot of people find it hard to accept. That is often the case "trivial" details of parents off.
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