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Good way to read five times

The first time, refers to the class before the teacher's textbook content preview again. Just glance at it again, look at what on the line, not to look at every word, does not require understanding the content.
The second time, when out for means, said teacher go over the contents of the book. Then you need to carefully read. To watch, sought to understand the content. Reading process should continue to keep asking yourself, think about why. Deepen the understanding of the concept of theorem. Just in case some don't quite understand, can temporarily lay down their first look at the back, for a while and then come back to thinking, often can understand.
The third time, when after the end of each chapter in the book, carefully read through it from start to finish. To define the concept of memory, inferences and see how they can prove the theorem.
Four times, is when a book after all finished the whole book and then read it again. Does not require them, mainly a list will sort out knowledge of each chapter, we find their thread and link to each other, form a holistic understanding of book's contents.
The fifth time, is also the last time, that is, when a few days before the exam, take a lead time to book roughly doubled again, look at the concept of things, coupled with notes, take a look at the usual emphases and difficulties of the teacher in the classroom.
The old saying, read times, its meanings. This, of course, is a general, emphasizing the books to read
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