Tutoring tips

Registered teachers should pay attention to

1. If you are not foreign nationals to use the Chinese name.
One: increase the difficulty of site staff to call in English or pinyin.
Second: use the English name or pinyin will allow students to have a bad impression.
Three: must staff their real names, add to the workload.
2. fill out the teacher professional, helps to retrieve.
3. fill the graduated/attended the University, as a result of false information and causing various adverse matters, will bear the full responsibility.
4. fill out the correct phone number and instant updates so that we can contact you.
5. in the context of their ability, choices can be taught subjects and teaching area.
6. Please be sure to fill out a detailed long description.
A: here is your show for students! Student's first impression is that teacher registration information, detailed description of the self-expertise is the beginning of good parents know.
Two: if they ever received any awards, won outstanding achievement, what are the excellent certificate, please be sure to fill in.
Three: to have a more detailed description of the skills, can get tutoring opportunities.
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