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Over the years, I have thought about such a problem, tutors for students is generally referred to as tutors, we teach something. Is pure knowledge? I'm afraid not comprehensive, because it seems purely intellectual problem as long as there is a people with high knowledge levels, parents want their children to be able to better, not just in terms of learning.
My tutor made me understand: the tutors not only teach students the knowledge and methods also teach parents some children; tutoring student friends, is equal between two people can trust each other; the most important thing is that tutoring is absolutely no substitute for school education! I took several of the students, the home of the same: economically relaxed parents lack of money, lack of time is more valuable than money. Due to the fast-paced, high intensity, competitive pressure, parents neglect their children's learning. In order to compensate the children give the greatest satisfaction in material, and children are the main entertainment is a computer or watching TV. There is a proverb: teenagers believe many things, the elderly suspect many of the real thing. This is two generations of human psychological differences: the attitude towards things different or opposite, rarely have a common language. Parents at this time to put aside the authority of elders, increasing communication between parents, adequately to give their children opportunities for understanding and their independent decision-making, grows with the child. Let them learn to manage their own, more responsibility the child back to them.
In addition, parents in evaluating whether progressive standards change. Score is not to evaluate is the only standard of children, by looking at the score as much as you say the child is progressive or backward and unscientific. There are many factors affect test scores, such as physical discomfort, difficulty of exam status, questions of the candidates, their understanding of the topic, and so on will affect the student's play, test scores must be taken as the sole criterion for student progress. We want to see the students ' efforts, if he works hard, but the results are not ideal, from a method or otherwise attempt to find out why.
Parents private tutoring also varies, some hope in their cases to accompany a parent is away with the kids, some want to be able to read most wanted takes children learning. Most of the family as a tutor of children, has different degrees of difficulty in learning. How to cultivate and improve students ' interest is our compulsory martial arts, I think after studying psychology in addressing such problems was in his element. I think the ultimate goal is to let children learn to tutor their learning, autonomous learning, learn to manage their own affairs.
Some parents think that the family after teachers have, everything will be changed, in fact too high expectations often lead to coaching one of the reasons for the failure of. We have time to think about doing something, always ask yourself if you have the ability, whether to have the energy to finish, the result will be. The brutal competition in modern society, parents have to appreciate, so they want their experience to children, this is an acceptable thing, but need to pay attention to, because each child is different from the others, need a differentiated treatment. Our tutors to junior high school students as a group, they are in a period of life and worldview formation, side of human behavior is imitated by their objects. Each of them has its own circle of life, the circle is closed, how into the child's inner world is a thought-provoking question. They do not lack money, they lack friends, lack of communication, they are eager to talk, and extreme distrust. We leaned over, patient enough to listen to, with their analysis of the problem, explain the stakes. We don't need to tell them how to do it, but we give them to make the right assessment and timely praise and criticism.
Tutoring and analysis of causes of unsatisfactory results with students, helping students to build confidence is the first step. Because of all the fear of learning comes from ignorance and uncertainty, it is knowledge, understanding and application, as long as the students work hard, this problem is definitely not difficult to solve. Some parents think that as long as it is for students to do more homework, many topics of parenting is a good tutor, but not necessarily. If it is to improve your score, you should understand and apply the basic definitions, theorems of efforts. Questions from easy to difficult, so that students can solve some of the more difficult questions and mid-range slightly difficult questions, to stimulate their interest in the subject. Conversely, blindingly requirements questions and ignore the basic understanding of definitions, theorems, and concluded, there may discourage students ' enthusiasm and initiative.
Student tutor's acceptance is the key to coaching is effective only when the students ' concerns about the study was completely eliminated, he was able to safely study. Family teachers then to on students for necessary of psychological counselling: makes they on himself of mood has clear of cognitive, can effective of management himself of mood; can identification different of emotional feel, clear these feel representative of meaning, and can clear of understanding himself of thinking, and emotional feel, and action reflect Zhijian of mutual relationship; can awake of awareness himself is in reason to do decision also is let impulse mood dominated; can recognize himself of advantage and defects, active reality to view self. Help them correct understanding of self, capable of identifying his location and grades of objective reality, determined to achieve future goals. I will let my students and I start to look for the answers to the questions, but the premise must be accurate and systematic knowledge passed on to them. Occasionally, I deliberately made several small mistakes, for students to find pleasure and interest in learning. In the process of learning, he has a pleasant mood experience along with, to stimulate their need for further learning. In General, an important way of learning interest in students is if they use knowledge to solve practical problems in real life. Of course, admit their mistakes, it is not a bad thing, she makes objects more closely and I tutor. I hope he can understand, no matter who is not guaranteed to always correct, but must ensure that will never work. Top students know the grades above other students in the class, very high standards for their secondary students in an intermediate position, generally with the status quo and underachievement students, due to the lack of success, expectations are not high.
Because the environment in which people are different, so understanding of his temperament, personality, life, hobbies and so on related information, according to his case for the student's learning program is a key aspect of counselling. Like, for temperament type belongs to choleric of students should play he of thinking agile, and learning enthusiasm, and strong, features, help he overcome carelessness and impatient of shortcomings; for more blood quality students to play its sensitive, and wit, and interest widely, and at adapted environment of features, overcome its upset, and not practical of learning way; on lymphatic temperament students to to its hard, and practical, and seriously of good of style, compensation its slow, and enough flexible of shortcomings; on blue quality of students is play its caution, and carefully, and thinking deep of features, Make up for the shortcomings of their hesitation, lack of energy. As long as this, no matter what type of student, can be from different sources, using different methods to achieve good results.
For our family, and the concept of time is very important. Because punctuality is modern man should have the basic quality and tutor evaluation on our part from our concept of time. For example, our time is two hours, to two hours, but students have not yet fully accepted what we impart knowledge, what should I do? Immediately, or wait after the students learned to walk again? This is our choice, but also for our test. Usually in this case, I choose to stay, seems my time wasted, we actually are in order to win support and influence. Many parents have said to me, we let you teach my child, because you can be serious about helping children handle them, your time is very tight, we know that as a parent, we will not let you suffer. In fact, every time I get far higher than what I pay for.
Tutors are not a panacea, tutor education cannot replace school education. Student weekly at school than at home and with family time. School teachers in order to make for a class, you need to reference a lot of information, and these are the tutor cannot match. Tutors should do is a supplementary work--fill a gap in students at some point in the knowledge to help students find their way to learn, teach them how to learn, finally allowing them to independent study. I think kids can learn when alone, I will choose to leave because the tutor's ultimate goal is to enable children to learn. I tell the kids, although I'm not coaching you, if you have things you can also find me, we're friends.
Now, I have some friends in local, I will be in his spare time to take a look at them, I think we would have been happy with it! Sincerity, enthusiasm gives us great encouragement, especially when that many people do not believe that there is sincerity and friendship in the world today
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