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Interview-the first step to successful
Before the interview, it is best to get in touch with parents, possible many things: how to get students home, what grade students what kinds of subjects, and so on. Comprehensive preparation for the interview, increase interview success.
First parents to turn off the interview. Parents to verify your identity, to talk with you, parents have a rich social experience, in conversation, therefore, should be a true expression of yourself, don't always try to exaggerate your abilities. Because of poor ability is difficult to escape the eyes of parents. Once parents see through their dishonesty, and leave a bad impression, it would be difficult to continue. Conversations should also pay attention to other things, such as courtesy, proper manners, expressions such as these, I believe we can do well here too much. Also, again, in conversations with parents must show confidence, because parents are likely to think you are not confident because you say inconsistent with the real capacity, or, you don't have to "town" Majesty of the students, it's hard to help students improve their scores.
The next level is to speak. Now will with to previously prepared of knowledge, lecture of Shi, as to performance out passion, firmly master initiative, guide things development of direction, mobilization students enthusiasm, attract he of attention, you should put learning Shang you most at of things performance out, let he admire you, do this is also not too difficult, if you eloquence bad, so this is best of exercise opportunities, grasp live, lecture Qian student prepared some material, let you told, this does not important, you can took over, also fear not?
Trials concluded that parents will not give you an answer quickly, they would have to discuss, and then make a decision, and now all you can do is wait.

After the trials, you generally understand the student's and parents ' demands, the next step is to track. Complete their mission.

Many students first tutor, headache just do not know how to start. In fact, if you are a heart, recall their own learning experiences, to sum up, those affected your teachers on the teaching characteristics of the rationality of thought, digestion, absorption, and transforming yourself into things. Maybe you won't be lost. Also, in the study, we also get help from other students, think about it, how do they things they don't understand, in plain language the problem clear. In my opinion, the students explain the method seems to be more useful than a teacher's experience! In addition, to summarize her more than 10 years of experience, in what ways, how to tell students to receive the fastest. I believe we have a lot of ideas.
With good teaching methods, is not necessarily immediate results, which still have a little bit of skill.
2, communicate with students, parents,
Nearly half of students I have met more than poor communication with parents, students do not understand the efforts of parents, parents do not understand their children's activities, it is often said that the generation gap. We went to, it should play in Unicom's bridge the generation gap. I often spend some time chatting with students and parents respectively, while talking with students, I try to say some of his compare topics of interest, to find out the root causes of unsatisfactory results, are lazy, is fun, or family factors. Students tend to talk to friends of unprotected and have a few, you'll find what you want easily. During the counselling process can solve, make out; if you resolve not to drop, requires co-ordination from parents. And parents should talk to the student's advantage, and would also raise the issues you find, and his proposals for a solution. At this point, parents will trust you and take your advice. For example, I once had a student's parents, and simply to increase the student's task, with the result that students ' weariness of mental, and he did not let it show, responded, in part, had good grades took a nose dive, parents do not understand the reasons that did have a small problem, continued to question tihaizhanshu, two generations fall into the quagmire of vicious circle. Later, through conversation, found a problem where my recommendations to parents, the students ' exercises I assign, distressed parents readily agreed to, and then I went through the students ' ideological work, after a period of testing, the student's performance rebounded, it received good results. This experience helped me to understand the importance of the peer exchange is deeper, in fact, stumbling from person to person in real life, is not caused by poor communication, please?
In Exchange to enable parents and students to trust you, in various ways, it is going to start your brain.
Weekly coaching a limited number if students become more difficult, might as well usually a call steering, mind you, helps students to overcome laziness, partly because parents think you are the one responsible for the teacher. Want to know: is one who is not difficult, but praise is not an easy task!
3 lectures look and appearance
It is more introverted, not good at words of friends is more difficult, but also good opportunities, the usual eloquence makes you such a good opportunity for you to exercise. When public bad jokes, lectures you said the wrong thing, they would not laugh. High flying bird, wide also diving, as long as you are talking about is not contrary to the facts and how to express your imagination is not rich. Your vivid grasp students ' hearts, of course, coaching is highly efficient. Therefore, the best possible look and Mao. Benefit not only your students, and your own. If it's difficult for you, get over it, you will do a good job.
Confidence lost 4 irrigation
Do need confidence, confidence is hardly progress, poor academic performance of students on learning and confidence is not high. In high school, my English is not good, but English teacher instead of giving up, I also tried to strengthen the confidence in me to learn English. I thanked her. I didn't give up, and finally in the entrance examination obtained good results. Later, I poured my confidence lost students. Meanwhile, parents also like I do. So, if you are doing very well, does not see improvement. You should check if you lose to them filling full of confidence again.
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