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Full-time tutor "paid love" rose

Professional jobs--chinahr's latest data show that current education and training market there have been larger, functioning scientific and brand management of enterprises and education/training institutions. These enterprises and organizations tend to have a more solid financial and staff support, the foreign or domestic science education/training mode and advanced management methods, and full of development potential.
  net of last week's top ten education list (see attached table), a full-time tutor in the top ten. It is reported that, since many schools in paid tutoring to take limited measures to its teachers, full-time tutor came into being, most of its practitioners were school teachers. Due to market demand, professional tutor "paid love" red all the way, in the economically developed Zhejiang and other places, full-floor has reached 6000 Yuan a month as a tutor, also does not include the students Commission and other income.
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3. Admissions
4. Full-time tutors
5. Admissions
6. Student guidance teacher
7. Undergraduate tutor (part-time)
8. English teacher
9. Marketing
10. Part-time English teachers
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