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What kind of person for a tutor

What kind of man is fit for
Tutor, rely on the knowledgeable and enthusiastic confidence. Not all college students for tutoring, then what kind of college students for tutoring?
(1) the Department of foreign languages, Chinese Department, Department of mathematics, physics and chemistry-related professional, or one of the five subjects erudite.
(2) college entrance examination scores, who featured professional students in key universities.
(3) in a master's class with little time for people who work flexible hours.
(4) with special expertise such as instrumental music, vocal music, dance, fine arts specialist College.
(5) the adult test, self coaching experience.
(6) persons with foreign language expertise, especially small languages.
(7) the person proficient in computer operation and maintenance, including the use of some Office applications.
(8) there are people of all race-winning experience.
(1) the cheerful, good at inspiring, contagious patient.
(2), polite, handsome.
(3) good discipline naughty child.
(4) good at summing up past experience and law, trials can be touched when the parents for the first time.
(5) good at his lessons inspire students and encourage students, know how to use the affirmation, praise and encouragement.
(6) the adept at highlighting their advantages and successfully promote themselves.
(7) the quality and full of personality, you can set an example for students, as its motivation.
(8) family condition is not very good, self-reliant, responsible.
If you meet the above class a and class b conditions one or two articles, your chances of success are very high.
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