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Definition of college students tutor and points for attention

College tutor (University Tutor), refers to the subject in accordance with national laws and regulations, students use what they have learned, and provide tutoring services for others, and gets a corresponding benefit.
College student tutor are generally not opposed by schools, are part of the solution instead of poverty college students living and studying expenses from all walks of life.
1, go to some local forums jobs or part-time information section.
Promotional bar 2, pay more attention to the school's tutoring information.
3, family mediation, family mediation blacker, only care about collecting the money, it is recommended to "teach first and then pay" home network, such as: 51 family education network http://www.51jjcn.CN to look at.
4, use their own ad out.
5, the term work-study centers.
College students tutoring should do the following:
1, the selection of employers, risk-averse.
2, to avoid utility, education first.
3, medium large for authority's sake.
College student tutor notes:
1, to be good at selling themselves. As a college student, walked into society has been very close, so you should know how to present yourself to sell yourself and, of course, on the basis of which should be based on honesty! Best on your first lecture can impress parents and students, advantage, his charismatic personality, professional quality comprehensive display, you may be a small specialist can impress the parents, make this tutor! Even if the trial was not successful this is a rare opportunity to show, or at least know where to improve it! Of course, we do not have to use this view to see all the problem is!
2, the first time the door can't be late, it is early. Passive early easy to parents, if it is too early, in the vicinity of turn; late break will also allow parents to worry.
Note 3, etiquette, especially in the details, should dress neatly and generous, schoolgirl skirts in class for the first time, for instance, not be appropriate. Usually talking to neither haughty nor humble, not to talk about their parents ' income, property and other sensitive topics.
4, eating, eat fruit for parents and so on, should be declined. Best in class he takes a Cup, water also comes with better. If you love to smoke, to endure, said parents should ask you don't.
5, should be good with their own personality, skills, qualifications, lessons learned, elicitation, infection and guide students. Students is compared need encourages, and certainly and praised of, if you character cheerful, speech witty, that class on May compared has appeal has, students also compared welcomes such of faculty; if you in a while skills compared strong, like told a standard, and fluent of English, and entrance math scores is high, that you certainly by welcomes, but welcomes is while, can told good is another thing, this on requirements we learned inspired learned guide students, and set being its sake, and makes its integrated capacity get nature improve, In order to continue tutoring!
Campus life is colorful, but the world outside the campus are also great! Students should learn to adapt to this society, conquest or even dominate the community, therefore we should temper themselves, tutoring is a very good form, I hope we can be at home on the stage of growth!
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