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New semester comes, many students in order to avoid being left behind in learning, tutors, but according to the author in the last semester of classes taught by student surveys, only 10%~20% students believe that the tutor obvious help to their learning, 70% students tutor on their own are not very helpful. Why such things happen, because many parents understand better their tutor have some errors, they master is not requested, or non-school teachers are not so trapped in a misunderstanding.
Myth: schools must master. Many people think that school teachers are teachers, so stuck to a tutor will school the teacher's purpose, try on the approach and focus of the school's teachers, and children to their doorsteps. Even some graduates had just asked, finding a way to focus on the relationship between school, some parents because teachers could not be found, had to call these future teacher of small horse, hoping to put their children three years later in the ideal school. Pursuit brand is good, but look for the brand-name, find the right teacher, this is crucial. Some new teachers, even the textbook does not read it again, not to mention the teachers don't match up with the school, is compared with the teacher, is still a big, inviting them to counselling, the effect can be imagined.
Myth II: teachers will be made from the best. Many teacher in himself of school in the are is backbone teachers, usually except class zhiwai, also to burden up taught research and guide youth teachers, task, so they of time very valuable, despite many people because is but friends, and acquaintances of face to do tutor, but for this in the of time and energy are very limited, so effect may also non-satisfactory; certainly also has individual of teacher responsible not strong, to money not students is responsible for, while to several students with counselling. I saw a teacher at home with a small blackboard to write down a few questions, as well as five students sitting on a small stool. Equates to an extra two exercises classes, and the tutoring fee of two hundred or three hundred Yuan easily made.
In fact, the tutor is a lot of learning. Archery and aim for the bull's eye, playing to see objects, tutor according to your situation, please select the appropriate tutor. Current tutoring teachers is mainly composed by students and teachers, to each their own, each with advantages and disadvantages. College students ' enthusiasm is high, and the fees are lower, but they manage Quan Zhangquan books and the knowledge capacity, serving teachers is just the opposite. Parents and students interested in tutoring should pay attention to.
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