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The old saying "key starts locks", do you know about your child? According to the characteristics of his education as long as you can get good results.
The following recommended several types of common children's performance and methods of primary education:
First class: excess energy children.
These children mainly for fun, love, love a fight, and unruly, but they're smarter dynamic, responsive, receptive.
The main methods of education:
First of all, to establish good relationships with children, let them know that she was not a "disobedient children" so that they readily accepted on the psychological education and guidance.
Secondly, it should be appropriate to let go, discipline properly. Discipline is too strict, and they're wrong, it will backfire. To give him a certain freedom, degree of time and space.
Again, patience to teach: that is, patient education and counseling, by reason, so that children understand some of his "opinion" is not so good, not so in line with social norms and standards, so as to voluntarily give up their "ideas" to overcome your problem step by step road to growth.
Category II: don't listen in class children.
Such children characterized by hyperactivity, playful, loves to talk in class, even at home in the study also had an absent-minded.
The education of such children, some parents said, "it is the school thing, shouldn't my tubes, I can't sit next to kids. "In fact, train our children to listen, to start with daily life, because life and learning are closely related.
The main methods of education:
First of all, parents to train their children listen to it again as soon as done.
Secondly, life, parents to children's listening skills training and awareness, such as San、sijian, what to do first, what to do, finally do, parents observe children.
Once again, attention from parents to child training and awareness, and talking to your child, be sure to let the children look on your face is listen.
Finally, parents can also try to reassure some listening tips
Finally, parents should try to keep the children repeat class content, or about the impression of the class issues.
Third class in pursuit of money and material enjoyment of children.
Such children is mainly for "wearing brand-name, eating fine," pay attention to food and clothing, some of them to go to school by motorcycle, tricycle.
The main methods of education:
First, the parents themselves to set an example, hard work and plain living, tell of their own childhood experiences and stories.
Secondly, parents to tell children family plans, and seek the views of children.
Thirdly, effective parenting plan, and use examples to educate our children.
The fourth category, children of elders to adopt an indifferent attitude to education.
Such children for parents, teachers, education, turned a deaf ear, one ear.
The main methods of education:
First of all, to help children understand a parent's betrayal, understanding parents, teachers of any kind of education for their healthy growth.
Secondly, in the emotional education in an atmosphere of harmony and eliminate their "hostile", so that they are willing to listen to the teachings.
Third to give children the right to talk, let him cause, reason, even if it is incorrect or untrue.
IV to be a little more tolerant, and education, will do something wrong, to be given the opportunity to correct, to be patient and wait.
V is to educate children to firmly, both parents speak calibre to be consistent, some parents and joking, some casual, some lightly, some sang the tune, which is not conducive to education.
The fifth category, children with serious laziness.
Such children mainly for passive learning, jobs are not completed or plagiarism, resulting in Jack or cheating the test, lax.
The main methods of education:
First to start the training to the usual household chores, don't let the kids mouth, clothing.
Second, helping them develop plans, and strengthen supervision.
Three, parents must set a good example, and play an exemplary role.
Four are from children can do everyday to develop good work habits, and sustained training.
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