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Many students initial with tutor, most headache of is not know the how start. actually, if is 1 a people, memories 1 Xia himself of learning experience, summary 1 Xia, those, had effect you of teacher in teaching Shang of features, thinking which of rationality, Digest, and absorption, into into himself of things. may you on not loss has. also has, in learning Shang, we has get other students of help, wants to 1 wants to, they is how put himself not understanding of things, Problems in plain language clear. in my opinion, the students explain the method seems to be more useful than a teacher's experience!, also summarizes 1 more than 10 years of experience, in what ways, how to tell students to receive the fastest. I believe we have a lot of ideas.
With good teaching methods, not 1 immediate effects, including 1 minor skills.
2, communicate with students, parents,
I met of students near 1 half above, and parents communication not Chang, students not understanding parents of painstakingly, parents also not understanding himself of children of inside activities, this is people often said of generation gap. we to has, on should played Unicom generation gap of bridge role. I often will spent 1 some time, respectively and students and parents chat, and students chat Shi, I as said 1 some he compared interested in of topic, by this to find learning results not ideal of roots, is lazy, is fun, Also is family factors. students often on friends type of talk not fortification, times yihou, you will is easy find you wants to of things. himself can solution of in counselling process, make solution off; if himself solution not off, on need parents of tie has. and parents talk Shi should as more to mention students of advantages, while, also to mention you found of problem, and himself of on solution problem of recommends. then, parents 1 like will is trust you and adopted you of recommends. like, I had has a students of parents hopes eager, 1 taste to increased students of task, results led to students produced weariness of psychological, and he is not performance out, responded,, originally compared good of results 1 fell thousand Zhang, parents not understand reasons, thought do of problem also less, continues to make problem tihaizhanshu, results two generation people are off into cycle of quagmire. later, through talk, found has crux of where, I to parents mention recommends, the students of extracurricular practice I layout, distressed of parents readily agreed, then, I and do pass has students of thought work, test has 1 paragraph time Hou, The student's performance rebounded, received good results. this experience has made me to better understand the importance of the peer exchange.
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