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What kind of child the tutoring

Parents for their children private tutoring, and always found the child in learning there are some deviations. For example, gaps appeared on the child a lesson or children's turned up poor. Parents wanted to tutor, sent their children's homework in time. However, each student's own situation is different, in the study, their intellectual gap formed, there are non-intelligence factors in the formation of gaps.
So, what kind of students for tutoring? Parents on this issue should be understood.
A teacher who taught for many years believes that students learning gap, generally attributed to poor students, are not accurate. Some poor students learn, because learning is not correct, if you get an experienced tutor corrected, changes can be made. Some difficulty in student learning, but painstaking effort to learn, such a student tutor, is a great role.
Students in teachers when teaching a new course, understanding, acceptance and there is a gap of memory. Some students in the classroom to understand very quickly, but to write when I have forgotten many; some students understand more slowly, but after understanding often can not forget for a long time. Teachers knew about this, but cannot be thoughtful in its class, only in accordance with the majority of students ' comprehensive ability in teaching. Some students within the prescribed time, feel hard to absorb new knowledge. But parents should face up to the differences, admit the gap exists, and should observe their children according to their own strengths, weaknesses, and help them learn to use class time, digestion and absorption of knowledge.
Where this is the case of the students, parents invited his family tutor is practical and useful. Classroom teacher to timely, fast, help the students to understand, improve, knowledge of debt to fill up, so that it can keep up with classroom teaching the next day without losing interest. To sum up, in private tutoring for their children, the parents should be aware of their learning in the classroom, can be targeted and improve efficiency
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