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Changzhou Rui tutor consulting company was founded in 2002, by Changzhou Rui tutor Consulting Education Panel discussion set up, passing the rigorous teaching of Changzhou Institute of style to ensure student learning outcomes. Currently Changzhou, Changzhou Rui Consulting Education Tutoring has been tutor, tutor network in Changzhou, Changzhou part-time tutoring, one-on-one tutoring in Changzhou, Changzhou scientists teach English tutor, math tutor in Changzhou, Changzhou, Changzhou, Changzhou language tutor elementary school tutor, Changzhou middle school tutor, Changzhou high school tutoring provides one-on-one personalized guidance for more than 1000 students grades improved significantly.

there are four main advantages:

1, school achievement

2007-2010 Changzhou Rui tutor statistics students the consulting, enrolled in middle school (8, Polytechnic high school, Yu ming senior high school), 92.4%, University of 96%, points at 35-50 points on average accounted for 35%, up 10-30 over 60%.

2007-2010 students with case

2, high quality teachers.

our teachers ' teaching quality and attitude have stood the test of, this school is not just to find a few teachers and staff to deceive parents, but quietly, bit by bit, sense of doing solid work.

teachers into six big part composition, "experts team + full-time teachers + dependant teacher + psychological Advisory teacher + learn tube teacher + education advisory teacher" composition a team, for each a a students provides a solution programme, help children improve results, which experts team teachers 12 name, by work middle school, and 8 in the, and 24 in the teacher served as; full-time subject teachers and dependant teachers amounted to 42 name; psychological Advisory teacher 8 name, learn tube teachers 10 name, education Advisory Division 5 name.

why Changzhou Rui consulting education tutoring can listen first and then pay?

3. Database resources

Changzhou thought sharp tutor Advisory limited education with more than 20 years education experience accumulated, and Changzhou focus elementary and middle schools established widely cooperation contact, input specifically subject group, established has Changzhou thought sharp tutor Advisory limited exclusive has "in the entrance champion test", test including from primary school four years to three grade, annual are input huge funds for textbook development, according to latest of proposition trends upgrade we internal test, ensure graduation rates.

4, learning environment

at present most counseling agencies rented classrooms for teaching business unit, but commercial drawbacks, there are many Internet cafes, game rooms and other amenities around, so that the child can't devote to study. Changzhou Rui tutor consulting teachers implement teaching site area of 5000 square meters, air conditioning facilities, spacious classrooms and the students ' devotion, while schools in Changzhou Institute of technology, Northeastern University, Maritime University in Changzhou, Changzhou between Neusoft Institute of information, prompting students to aspire to learn, work hard.

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